Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Vinyl Replacement Windows Provide Comfort and Energy Savings!

Why would you want to replace your existing windows with brand new vinyl replacement windows with GHC Professional Roofing? Please don’t let our name fool you. We definitely do windows too!

A good time to start budgeting for windows is any time of year. Folks most often think about having such a project performed on the coldest days of winter and on the hottest days of summer. The reason why is that the builder-grade (for lack of better term) windows in your home, especially after a few years, are essentially an open hole in your wall. Such common windows are drafty, often have broken seals leaving them cloudy, and are hard to open and close which is a safety hazard. It is amazing the level of comfort you can enjoy with such an upgrade to your home, your safe haven, your place of relaxation. Call today for your free consultation and estimate and get the peace of mind that you deserve.

Custom Vinyl Replacement Windows by Viwinco – Cambridge Collection

Cambridge by Viwinco, Standard Features

  • Custom-made to your exact dimensions—every Viwinco window is crafted to spec, allowing for easier installation with no filling or patching
  • One-week delivery—when your needs are immediate, Viwinco is there for you; our streamlined manufacturing processes get your windows to your home building material supplier in just 7 days
  • Patented Tilt-n-Lock technology—provides a clean sight line and allows for one-handed operation to open, close and tilt in the window for easy cleaning
  • 15/16" insulated glass with Solarban® 60 low-e glass—keeps you warmer in the winter, performing approximately 39% better than standard clear insulated glass
  • Intercept® ULTRA stainless steel warm-edge spacer—provides strength, flexibility and exceptional thermal performance
  • Argon gas fill—combined with our glass package exceeds industry standards for energy efficiency
  • InstaGlaze glazing bead—specifically designed with a flexible edge to guard against the weather
  • Industry-leading DP ratings—an air, water and structural designation by AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) and can be found on each Cambridge window’s AAMA Gold Label; depending on the size needed, our double-hung windows have either a DP45 or DP50 rating, single-hung either DP45 or DP55
  • Energy Star® rated—our standard Cambridge window meets Energy Star guidelines for thermal efficiency in our climate region.
  • Fusion-welded frame and sashes with interlock—for structural integrity
  • Lifetime warranty coverage—on sash, frame, hardware materials and glass for as long as you own your home and transferable if you sell it. Also included is 100% coverage to original owner on materials and labor to repair or replace any defect within the first year after installation.

Built to Perform Season after Season

  • Fully fusion-welded frame and sash for structural strength and durability
  • 15/16" double-strength insulated glass with Solarban® 60 low-e glass, Intercept® ULTRA low-conductance spacer and argon gas fill
  • Meets Energy Star® for thermal efficiency in most climate regions
  • Sash interlock adds security and thermal efficiency
  • Monorail-design slider pad in sash track provides smooth operation

Custom-Made for a Perfect Fit Yet Priced for Everyone

  • Made to your exact dimensions to eliminate filling or patching
  • 1-1/4" integral, pre-punched nail fin for a trouble-free installation
  • Built-in contractor-friendly adjustments, components and accessories to meet different wall thicknesses and material variations

Attractive Styling with 100% Functionality

  • Traditional craftsmanship look with beveled exterior and 45-degree mitered glazing bead
  • Equal glass size in both sashes for balanced design

Trouble-Free Operation and Maintenance

  • Removable sashes for easy cleaning
  • Molded-in designer pull rails curved for comfort
  • Independent screen track keeps screen in place and blocks insects better
  • Heavy-duty extruded half screens standard

Options to Fit Any Need

  • Window styles: almost unlimited
  • Glass: clear, obscure, bronze tint, gray tint, decorative, tempered (safety glass)
  • Colors: white or tan
  • Grids: standard or deluxe (may have some limitations due to glass thickness)
  • Grid style: a wide variety depending on shape
  • Simulated divided lites
  • Factory-applied jamb extensions: color-matched vinyl or paintable/stainable Clearwood®
  • Mulled units: windows and complementary styles for added ventilation and light
  • Trim casing available

Tilt-n-Lock Patented Technology

A clean design leads to a cleaner view.

  • Windows let you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors when tucked in your home. And Viwinco windows with our patented Tilt-n-Lock system do that like no other. We did away with traditional tilt latches and designed an easy-to-use (just one hand!) system.
  • Available standard on our Cambridge replacement windows, Tilt-n-Lock not only provides a clean view looking outside or in, it also makes cleaning easier. Simply use one hand to tilt in the window while the other hand holds your cleaning supplies. By eliminating tilt latches, we've also gotten rid of those pesky crevices that attract dust--making cleaning the sash as easy as one swipe. When you’re done cleaning, simply push the window shut (there are no tilt latches to re-engage).
  • The strength of Tilt-n-Lock is in the reinforcement system that runs the width of the sash and houses all elements that allow the window to tilt in (tilt latches, reinforcement and cam lock) into a singular unit. This improves the structural and impact performance of the entire window system.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and downright functional, Tilt-n-Lock is a feature you'll love every time you clean and look out your windows.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are easy to operate (just a few spins of the wrist) and easy to enjoy! Our casement windows are hinged at the side, ours open up to 90-degrees allowing for beautiful breezes to air out your home. Best of all, Viwinco casement windows seal tightly which help to keep your home energy-efficient.

  • Window styles: casement, awning, hopper

Sliding Windows

Allow fresh breezes to enter your home with Viwinco sliding windows. Perfect for any room in your home, they can truly be appreciated in hard-to-reach places such as over the kitchen sink or bathtub where opening them is as easy as a side motion.

Options to Fit Any Need

  • Window styles: 2-lite slider, 3-lite end vent sliders

Picture & Transom Windows

Energy efficient. Great design. Built for strength.

Dramatic and extremely energy-efficient, Viwinco picture windows and transom windows provide sweeping views of the outdoors and allow plenty of light to come into your home.

  • Window styles: picture and transom

Bay & Bow Windows

You can easily create a cozy nook. That’s part of the charm a Viwinco bay or bow window adds to your home. Architectural in nature, bay and bow windows bring the beautiful outdoors in with expansive windows and a special place to sit inside and enjoy your home’s natural surroundings.

  • Window styles: Cambridge double-hung or single-hung windows, casements or picture windows can be combined to create the look you want

Geometric Windows

Distinctive looks and style. That’s what geometric windows add to a home. Pretty much if you can dream it, we can make it. Circles, half-rounds, octagons, triangles, extended arches—the list goes on and on.


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